About Us

Our Mission:
We serve our community through a variety of home services. Landscaping, painting, power washing, seal coating, junk hauling, handyman services, cleaning, moving, etc.
Our Vision:
To become a trusted and reliable partner that completes high quality projects big and small.
Our Values:
  • We treat all customers with dignity and respect
  • We work hard to complete projects in a timely manner and with high quality.
  • We partner with our customers to have an on-going relationship and continually support their needs.
  • We are grateful for all jobs and all those people we serve.
Leader Message:
My name is Steve Bowman and I am a Christian, a patriot, a husband, a father and a community servant.
First of all, if you would have said to me prior to 2020 that I would be a home service provider I would have laughed and said ‘that is not likely.’ At that point, I was a health professional, teacher and coach for 15 years.
The last few years have been a humbling and challenging experience for me. Early in 2020, I lost my job of 7 years (15 years with the same company) due to changing business needs. I tried to find a job for months but was unsuccessful, so I decided to create my dream job as a health and leadership coach. I gave it my all for a year and it was a great learning experience; however, I was not able to serve in that capacity and provide for my family.
What followed shortly after was to continue teaching as an adjunct instructor part time and obtaining another full time role. I will spare you the detailed version of these stories but I lost both of those jobs due to not aligning in values. I am not a sheep and will not follow organizations that are not headed in the right direction.
After losing 3 jobs in 3 years I realized that I was no longer going to work for organizations who did not value our traditional, Christian, American values (faith, family, and freedom to name a few). So, I decided to become a home service provider and serve in that way.
Since spring of 2022, I have had the opportunity to serve and support many people through a variety of needs. I do not know what God has for me and what I will be doing years from now; but I do know that I am here to serve and will trust in his will.
Our business motto is “good and faithful servants that work for you” and that is a message to you that we will value you and consistently add value to you and keep ourselves accountable to that statement while doing so.
My vision is not to have thousands of customers, but instead a smaller number of people that will allow us to help with a variety of home projects. As the business leader of our organization, my goal is to earn your trust through good works and maintain a positive relationship while becoming an asset to your family.
God bless and thank you!
Steve Bowman, Business Owner


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